The most advanced cloud RAD platform ever existed

Scaffolder is a software production service with full ADLM process support, available as a flexible pay as you go model also called Application as a Service or AaaS.

About Scaffolder

Creating an app today requires a good idea, lots of time, lots of money and a team of Graphical Designers, Software Developers, Front-end Gurus, Testers, Quality Assurance Leads, DB Architects and DevOps engineers.

We are about to change that!

Scaffolder replaces repetitive software development work-flows and encapsulates best practices in reusable DRY logic in a highly modularized way. It speeds up, replaces, and even eliminates software production phases like graphical design, coding, testing, integration, deployment and maintenance. And all this with less money & people than ever.

Create, build, test and deploy cloud apps now.


Our service is in ALPHA stage of development and we don't accept registrations at this time but you can leave your email address in order to be updated when we launch our open BETA release.


The best way to contact us is by sending an email at: